Dreamweaver Pebble and Spiky pillows | Contemporary Heaven USA

 Dreamweavers pillows and rugs maybe new to you but this iconic brand started life in the1970s, one of the earliest adopters of recycled and up-cycled materials, forging a path of sustainable products that others are only now following. This innovation and determination flows over into their imaginative designs - just look at the selection we have on offer and you’ll be immediately struck by their amazing use of texture.Modern and chunky,Dreamweavers are some of the most tactile accessories you’ll ever see,carefully created to the highest standards using labour intensive methods that cannot be replicated by machine. The first reaction to any Dreamweavers pillow is ‘I must have one!’, and we offer a wide selection of cushions and rugs in a variety of colours, styles and materials -all at very competitive prices. Perfect for both the fun-loving and the fashion-conscious homeowner, these highly textured pieces are ideal as a contrast to a streamlined and contemporary look but just as much at home in a rich, colourful environment.Take a look through the Dreamweavers collection now and you’ll find pebbles, spikey and ringlets, as well as ingenious three dimensional patterns that really lift themselves above the competition. Using high-quality materials such as chamois, velvets and even Swarovski crystals, cuddling up to one ofDreamweavers’pillows is like snuggling with your favourite teddy bear, and you’ll be just as reluctant to let go.


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