A modern simple stylish cased wall clock which features a silent sweep movement, glass front, brushed metal clock case, metal hands and black Arabic numbers on a clear silver grey dial.

This clock comes with a custom stainless steel thick brushed custom sign in which you can specify with any time zone you wish, please insert the time zone of your choice up to 13 characters long.


If your office is working with multiple time zones and you are looking for excellent value for money then these are the perfect time zone clocks for you.


Price is for one clock and one sign, to add more clocks go back on your browser and add another clock to your basket specifying your next time zone.

Clock Size: 32cm (12.5”) Dia

Sign: 17cm (7”) x 4cm (1.5”)


Custom Notes: Please fill in the relevant custom field with the city/country name you require once for each different clock you require. The city/country name will be placed exactly where LONDON is currently positioned.