Our fantastic range of big Illuminated Carnival Vintage Letter Lights  are a novel and unique way of lighting your room, these letter lights feature a metal construction, bright LED energy saving technology which mimics an old vintage bulb, battery powered by 3 X AA or by mains Transformer (transformer included with each set word).

The lights only needs one cable from the transformer to power all the letters due to a clever interconnecting system which can be hidden within the  letters, however each letter has one joining clear cable which can be hidden at the shortest point so never very noticeable. 

Our range of standard words includes two finishes, industrial silver and rust, the rust version is chemically treated to create a rust effect thus giving a warm rustic glow, in contrast the industrial silver has a more industrial look giving the word lights  a unique eye catching look,  these vintage letter lights makes a great feature light on any wall weather in the bedroom, lounge  or office.

In the listing we have LONDON as our letter light, looks great in nay room, other timezones available on request

These letter lights are also ideal for signs for businesses, parties, adverts, offices the list is endless!! 

Each letter can be run individually by 3 x AA batteries, please note batteries only last for 20-30 hours so only suitable for more temporary locations like trade shows, parties etc.

Please note these letters have a vintage rustic look and are individually made by hand, so please expect some imperfections which give them there fairground circus light charm. 

If you wanted to make your own word please contact us at custom@contemporaryheaven.com, we can supply any letter to your requirements. 

Dimensions per letter H33cm (13") D 4.5cm (1.75"), width tends to be differ between different letters. 

Cable length around 2.5 meters