This is a sleek contemporary Time Zone clock from Roco Verre. With a refined and polished design, it is perfect for offices and businesses.

Constructed from acrylic, the front of the clock is gloss orange and the backing in mirror. The gloss orange front has been laser cut for the mirror backing to show through and complete a 3D effect dial. Stylish chrome hands finish the clock beautifully for a funky seventies modern contemporary appearance.

This time zone clock is available with two, three, four or five dials for keeping track of time around the world.
We manufacture a nine dial as a special order please e-mail us for more information.

 Made in the UK by Roco Verre
Exclusive to Contemporary Heaven
Custom Notes: please fill in the relevant custom fields with the city/country names you require one per field in the order you require. The city/country name will be placed from left to right as per the example image above. THE LAST CUSTOM FIELD PLEASE INSERT HORIZONTAL OR VERTICAL FORMAT